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Premises Liability

Help for Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Injury Victims

If dangerous conditions or inadequate security lead to an accident or assault, the property owner may be legally responsible for the resulting injuries. This general concept is known as premises liability and is true of business property as well as residential.

If you have suffered an accident or assault and believe you may have a valid premises liability claim, contact the Worcester law office of Charles M. Giacoppe, Attorney at Law.

The sooner you receive an evaluation of your premises liability claim, the sooner you will find out if you can seek financial compensation from the property owner where you were hurt. Premises liability cases can be time-sensitive and subject to statutes of limitations. We will evaluate your potential claim quickly and thoroughly.

That's the kind of personal service our Worcester-area clients have received for 27 years. Mr. Giacoppe believes in the rights of every injured person to receive fair compensation after an accident caused by someone else's negligence. He fights for the benefits injured people deserve - negotiating, investigating and litigating on your behalf.

You can arrange a free initial consultation with a respected premises liability lawyer by contacting our law office today. Call toll-free: 508-757-2738.

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Just a few examples of the environments that are ripe for premises liability accidents include:

  • Slippery floors
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inadequate or nonexistent security
  • Malfunctioning elevators
  • Stairwell in need of repair
  • Uncovered manholes
  • Build ups of snow and ice
  • Unrepaired potholes in parking lots

Take a Picture: One difficulty with premises liability cases is that it can be difficult to prove that the dangerous condition existed. Potholes and broken handrails often mysteriously disappear after someone falls and gets hurt.

Get a Free Case Evaluation From Charles M. Giacoppe

We need to hear from you, to discuss how you hurt yourself, the conditions around you at the time and how you feel now. Initial consultations with Mr. Giacoppe are always free of charge.

We perform all legal work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we have to win compensation for you in order to be paid for our work. Otherwise you owe no attorneys' fees.

Time is of the essence in pursuing premises liability cases. Don't let the clock run out on your potential claim for a premises liability accident.

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While you are recovering from your injuries the law firm of Charles M. Giacoppe can help you with our experienced full-service injury representation.

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