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Personal Injury Overview

Fighting for the Accident Injury Benefits You Deserve

Has someone else's negligence caused you serious injury? Has a family member suffered a fatal accident due to another person's careless actions or due to dangerous conditions on someone else's property?

Depending on the type of accident, you can seek financial compensation from insurance companies attached to the person or business that caused your injuries or in certain cases from your own insurance company. The settlement should include compensation for every setback that the accident caused: lost wages from time away from your job, medical bills, necessary rehabilitation services or assistive devices, and pain and suffering.

Worcester, Massachusetts: Representing Accident Victims Since 1981

For more than 25 years, residents of Worcester County and the surrounding areas have benefited by working with personal injury lawyer Charles M. Giacoppe after serious accidents. Mr. Giacoppe is known for his fighting spirit, trustworthy legal knowledge and the personal service he gives to every client. Simply contact us in Worcester to schedule a free initial consultation. The quickest way to reach us is by toll-free phone at 866-900-5071.

Injuries and Fatal Accidents
Worcester County · Middlesex County · Norfolk County

Massachusetts lawyer Charles M. Giacoppe fights for your rights to financial compensation after injuries caused by any type of accident.

We have experience representing surviving family members in wrongful death cases. Furthermore, our law practice involves representing students at local colleges in personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: We handle claims after motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, taxi and bus accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents and accidents caused by drunk driving.

Accidents on Someone Else's Property: Property owners are responsible for keeping their property relatively safe so that visitors — whether for business or pleasure — do not get hurt. When a property owner fails in that duty, a premises liability lawsuit may be possible. Examples of premises liability cases include slip and/or trip and fall accidents and dog bite cases.

Workplace Accidents: Many workplace injuries are covered by workers' compensation. There are some types of workplace accidents in which the injury victim may be entitled to additional compensation. This may be the case if someone other than your employer — for example, a subcontractor — helped cause the accident. These types of accidents are especially common on construction sites.

About Attorneys' Fees in Personal Injury Cases

Our law firm works for our injured clients on a "contingency fee" basis. In other words, our clients never owe us attorneys' fees unless we win financial compensation to recoup costs of the injuries.

We invite you to speak with us about your potential claim. Reach out to our respected, full-service personal injury law firm as soon as possible. Call toll free 866-900-5071 or send an e-mail.

While you are recovering from your injuries the law firm of Charles M. Giacoppe can help you with our experienced full-service injury representation.

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